What is the Indivisible pledge?

The Indivisible pledge is a commitment to work on at least 1 pro-bono project (of any size) per year over the next four years. The pledge was born on on Inauguration day; January 20th, 2017.

It's never too late to take the pledge. Our resistance effort is 4 years long, so come on down and join us.


Are you the same
organization that publishes the Indivisible Guide?

The name is a coincidence (it seems like there's a lot of similar thinking going on this country around standing together in this fight). We stand with the Indivisible Guide effort and encourage collaboration between members of both groups working under the name of Indivisible. 

Please visit the Indivisible Guide website to download their guide to resisting the Trump agenda.


I just signed up. When will my creative profile be featured on your site?

Welcome! Our HQ support volunteers enter new creative profiles into the site weekly, so should see your profile appear within a week. If you don't see it within one week, please send us an email to make sure we received your information.


Can studios and agencies participate or is Indivisible only for individual creatives?

Studios and agencies are welcome and encouraged to participate in a number of ways:

1) Become a Studio Partner

Take on an Indivisible pro bono project and complete the work with your existing studio team, or oversee and art direct a team of our listed volunteers.

2) Become a sponsor

If your studio or agency would like to find out more about how to donate or become an Indivisible sponsor, please email us here.

How are creatives
connected with organizations?

All official Indivisible projects are managed by The Beauty Shop and our Studio Partners. Volunteer creatives are contracted to work directly with Studio Partners based on project needs. Project management and creative direction is provided to volunteers throughout the project process.

In order to fulfill their pledge, creatives are also encouraged to reach outside of Indivisible and offer their services to organizations directly. Need a starting point? Take a look at our list of vetted organizations.

Please note: Indivisible is not responsible for any projects completed or in progress without the involvement of The Beauty Shop or one of our Studio Partners.

If I’m selected for a project with The Beauty Shop or a Studio Partner, do I work remotely or in the studio?

Processes and requirements may vary from one Studio Partner to the next. While we leave the particular arrangements and communication methods to be defined by project volunteers and their Studio Partners, we do encourage in-person critiques and a hands-on approach to creative direction between both parties.


I’m an individual designer, what if the project I want to work on needs a team? 

Most projects that require a team will be matched with an Indivisible Studio Partner. If you are an individual Indivisible Creative interested in working on a larger project please email us and we will connect you to the Studio Partner who takes that project. 

Occasionally we receive smaller projects that do not require a Studio Partner or team - for instance, poster or t-shirt designs, illustrations, or coding. We encourage senior-level individual creatives to apply for these projects.  

We hope to feature more opportunities for individual creatives to participate as our network and outreach efforts grow. 


Is anyone excluded from participating? Are there minimum portfolio requirements?

Indivisible does not exclude anyone from being able to participate by taking the pledge. Our structure places The Beauty Shop and our Studio Partners in charge of determining appropriate members for each Indivisible-managed project, however, all members are encouraged to do what they can to help organizations in need. We believe that there is room for everyone to make a difference, regardless of level of experience. Indivisible is intended to be a space to connect members of the design community across all disciplines and expertise in order to do more good.


What types of creatives can apply?

We have heard from copywriters, photographers, filmmakers, project managers, SEO specialists, developers, illustrators, artists, type designers and social media specialists. If you have a skill that can help an organization or cause, we welcome you.


Not all of your projects are for 501c3 nonprofits. How is donating work to them different than working for free? 

Many of our organizations listed are small grassroots organizations or startup charities and efforts that, while not technically 501(c)(3) nonprofits, are doing work to help underrepresented groups in their community, or as a general resistance effort. Before Indivisible commits to a project, The Beauty Shop and our Studio Partners evaluate the causes and groups our clients serve to determine whether or not to donate our skills and time. We encourage you to do the same when deciding whether or not to take on a pro bono project outside of our network.


I’m a designer,
not a creative!

Our alliance includes designers, copywriters, photographers, filmmakers, project managers, SEO specialists, content strategists, developers, illustrators, artists, type designers and social media specialists. We couldn’t think of a term to describe the varied skills of our alliance more accurately than “creatives”. 


Still have questions? Email us!