Global Library Initiative

The Global Library Initiative serves groups marginalized by race or ethnicity, class, and education level. GLI creates diverse texts that are culturally reflective of the reader and distributes them to areas affected by poverty, whether that be in book deserts here in the States, Title 1 schools, or in developing nations.


The FRaME project aims to create positive peer- to-peer connections and a one on one mentoring system that allows LGBTQ kids to develop a network of friendship and support with peers and adults who understand their particular journey and can give them a safe space in which to share, listen, ask questions and be themselves without fear.

Chacala Cultural Foundation

Chacala Cultural Foundation serves the local community in a rural and coastal part of Western Mexico. We support local artists of different genres by holding residencies & giving workshops. We give opportunity for artistic education, expression & performance to an otherwise limited community. 

Bright Side

Bright Side is an online community where immigrants can share our inspiring stories to empower each other and show the world our positive impact on society. When we arrive, we don’t just come with a suitcase, but our own values, skills, and motivation that enrich our society. Though we all forge our own path, there is a common bond that unites us all.

Define American

Stacey Uy Studio X Indivisible

Define American is a non-profit media and culture organization that uses the power of story to transcend politics and shift the conversation about immigrants, identity, and citizenship in a changing America. We work to increase awareness of the role of immigrants in American society.

More Than Me

More Than Me is fighting for every child's fundamental right to be safe, healthy and learning. Our program is based in Liberia, West Africa. What began as a project to get girls into school is now an incredible movement transforming education in the country. More Than Me (MTM) uses education as a catalyst for transformative social change.


Rally is a grassroots feminist political action organization. A digital toolkit for first-time and experienced activists who are looking to get involved and stay involved in intersectional feminist political advocacy. We want to harness the power of individual activists to Rally together, resist the Trump agenda, and advance gender equality.


Nightingale is an online publication and a forum for social awareness that impels to action. We are empowering voices that are marginalized from the healthcare conversation, and giving them a platform to ask providers and policymakers for what they need.